Former President Donald Trump said ‘all I want’ is for the general election to be held Tuesday after an easy caucus win in Nevada, a good day at the Supreme Court and a bad day for President Joe Biden. 

Trump appeared onstage at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino and gloated over his resounding double win in Nevada – with Thursday’s caucuses called for the ex-president with under 1 percent of the vote reporting, and Tuesday’s primary result – when Trump wasn’t on the ballot – embarrassing rival Nikki Haley. 

He also hinted that he believed the Supreme Court would rule in his favor, allowing him to remain on the ballot nationwide, after in oral arguments earlier Thursday even the liberal justices seemed skeptical of tossing him off. 

‘Is there any way we can call the election for next Tuesday? That’s all I want,’ Trump told the crowd. ‘I want to call the election for next Tuesday.’ 

Trump surprisingly didn’t address President Joe Biden’s chaotic day – with Special Counsel Robert Hur’s classified documents report calling attention to the 81-year-old president’s ‘diminished faculties,’ referring to him as a ‘well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.’ 

Former President Donald Trump said at his victory party in Las Vegas Thursday night that he wanted the general election to be held now

Supporters of former President Donald Trump attend a Nevada caucus night victory party in Las Vegas

When Biden addressed the report in a surprise press conference Thursday night, he made another gaffe – saying the president of Egypt was from ‘Mexico.’ 

Trump had a slight mess-up too when talking to supporters about Tuesday night’s Nevada primary, accidentally placing the action on Wednesday. 

‘And last night, and you know what happened last night, none of the above,’ he said to laughs. 

Without Trump’s name on the ballot, his supporters selected ‘none of these candidates,’ with that option winning over Haley, who didn’t actively campaign in the state, protesting the Trump-aligned Nevada Republican Party’s decision to go ahead with a caucus after the state legislature voted that primaries had to be held. 

‘I would like to congratulate none of the above. I was one of those none of ever aboves,’ Trump said laughing. ‘And they won by 44 points.’  

The 2024 Republican frontrunner then turned to Thursday’s oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court. 

‘The Supreme Court will hopefully be doing something in terms of helping our country and preserving democracy. We have to preserve democracy,’ Trump said. 

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum. (left) shakes former President Donald Trump’s hand onstage Thursdsay night at the 2024 GOP frontrunner’s caucus party in Las Vegas, Nevada 

‘Trump Wins Nevada!’ signs adorned the ballroom at the Treasure Island Resort & Casino where former President Donald Trump addressed supporters in Las Vegas after easily winning Nevada’s GOP caucus. Rival Nikki Haley did not appear on the caucus ballot 

He appointed three of the current nine justices to the conservative-leaning court. 

‘I think they had a very interesting day and a very beautiful day perhaps. I think it was a very beautiful sight to watch,’ the ex-president added. 

As Trump prepared to deliver victory remarks, his surrogates and Nevada-based allies descended on the ballroom in Treasure Island, situated near his Las Vegas hotel.

Surrogate North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, a former 2024 rival now backing Trump, told that he believed the Justice Department report on Biden could change the trajectory of the presidential race.

‘I think it’s gonna change it more for the Democrats because they’re gonna have to decide. I mean, they effectively built a whole campaign around, “We’re gonna stick with the horse that we have in the race and block everybody else from getting in this thing.” But I think they see their fortunes are starting to fail,’ Burgum said. ‘They’ll be scrambling to see what they can do.’

‘But it’s a tough sell fo the American people because the American people got to see –  I mean think of that Biden press conference today as being a marker in this campaign where people could be talking about this as a turning point for the Biden campaign,’ the North Dakota governor added. 

Several hours before the result was called in Nevada, Trump also clinched a victory in the U.S. Virgian Islands caucuses. 

He earned 73.9 percent of the vote to Haley’s 26 percent – and is expected to take all delegates available from the islands.

‘Great news!’ Trump wrote on Truth Social on Thursday. ‘As we are landing in Nevada, getting ready to go to Caucus, word just came that we overwhelmingly won the Virgin Islands Caucus, ALL Delegates, with almost 75% of the Vote.’

‘This has been a very Big Day for your Favorite President, the Republican Party, and Democracy!’ he noted, likely reference not only his win, but the DOJ report and SCOTUS arguments.

Vegas-based Trump Senior Advisor Kash Patel told on Wednesday that winning Nevada is the ‘key to the west,’ as he drew parallels between the demographics and priorities of voters in the Silver State and in Arizona – a must-win in 2024.

Nevada went blue in 2016 and 2020, but Arizona was a red state that flipped blue in 2020, and that Trump and Biden see as a priority to clinch the White House in 2024.

Nevada voters wait in line to enter a caucus site at Spanish Springs Elementary School in Sparks, Nevada on Thursday, February 8 after the primary election on Tuesday where Nikki Haley lost to ‘none of these candidates’

Lined up at the South Reno Caucus to vote for President Trump.

There is snow on the ground, it is a cold night, and people walked for miles to wait in line for an hour or more.

Trump is the only person they can vote for, but they want to make their voices heard. Great sign!

— Adam Paul Laxalt (@AdamLaxalt) February 9, 2024

Trump held his caucus night party at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino  – seen peaking out as the former president’s famous golden Trump Tower Hotel looms over the Las Vegas Strip

While Tuesday’s primary election was only symbolic after the Nevada GOP decided all the delegates would be awarded in the caucuses on Thursday, Trump still was the biggest winner that night.

Haley came in second place in the primary behind the option ‘none of these candidates,’ which offered voters a chance to cast their ballot for no one – an effort led by Trump Senior Advisor Kash Patel.

The stunning defeat of Haley proves that Trump supporters are so enthusiastic and mobilized that they were willing to show up twice to symbolically and then actually cast their ballots for the former president.

‘Lined up at the South Reno Caucus to vote for President Trump,’ Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt wrote in a post to X, formerly Twitter, along with a video of a massive line of people waiting to get into the caucus site.

‘There is snow on the ground, it is a cold night, and people walked for miles to wait in line for an hour or more,’ he noted. ‘Trump is the only person they can vote for, but they want to make their voices heard. Great sign!’

Trump only participated in the caucuses after the GOP said any candidates who signed up for the primary were barred from the contest two days later. 

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