Cerebral Palsy Settlement

Our firm is able to start a lawsuit if you’re child suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of medical negligence or other birth injuries. We will then get you an acceptable settlement. Our team will take a close look at all available medical evidence and calculate your family’s lifelong expenses to help you receive the most favorable settlement.


cerebral palsy lawyer Palsy is a condition that is permanent and affects almost every aspect of life. When medical malpractice is the cause of CP the family could be entitled to compensation. The amount of damages will be determined by the severity of the injury and the number of parties accountable for the injuries.

The majority of cerebral palsy lawyer palsy cases are settled out of court. In settlements, the plaintiff (plaintiff) and the medical professional who is negligent (defendant) agree to settle their case in a manner which both parties agree. If, however, the two sides cannot reach an agreement the case will go to trial. At the time of trial a jury and judge will determine how much the plaintiff is owed through their verdict.

Keep in mind that your attorney will fight for you to secure the best settlement that is possible. A lawyer who is skilled can present convincing proof of the lifetime costs your child will incur so you get an amount that is fair. It is also important to find a cerebral-palsy lawyer with a solid track record. It’s common knowledge to say, but every CP case is unique. And the more information your lawyer has access to, the better they will be able to maximize your settlement. Here are a few examples of big CP settlements and verdicts.

Medical expense

A cerebral palsy settlement can offer money to pay for medical treatments and equipment. It may also cover the cost of caregivers, specialists, and other services needed by your child in order to live a full life. This includes medication, special diets and physical therapy.

These expenses can be extremely expensive, and your family shouldn’t be forced to cover them all on their own. Your CP attorney can assist you get the money you need to cover these expenses and more.

In many cases, medical mistakes are the cause of a brain injury that causes CP. In civil lawsuits, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals may be held accountable for their errors.

A woman who is in her 25th week of pregnancy goes to the emergency room with severe discomfort and low fetal heart rates. The obstetricians let her go, but then returned as the symptoms grew worse. Finally, doctors realize she is having labor, but fail to perform C-sections. The baby suffers from heplegic cerebral paralysis as well as seizures and needs medical attention 24/7. The parents sue both doctors and the hospital, and settle for cerebral palsy lawyer $103,075,618.

No matter what type of CP, you may be entitled to a substantial amount in settlement. The money you receive will give your family the financial support they require to handle the burdensome costs.

Suffering and Pain

cerebral palsy law firm paralysis is a permanent condition that impacts a person’s balance and posture, and can limit movement. It is caused by brain disorders that occur in the fetal or infant stage. It cannot be reversed. These problems may be caused by infections or abnormalities in the umbilical and uterine cord, the placenta, problems with blood flow or genetic conditions.

People with CP have a reduced quality of life. The severity of the symptoms may vary, but they all affect the ability to walk, move, communicate and perform everyday activities. They also experience discomfort and pain. Many sufferers have difficulty coping with their illness and cerebral palsy lawyer struggle to receive the care they require.

Adults suffering from CP suffer from pain more frequently and at a higher intensity than the general population. It can interfere in everyday activities and cause depression and mental distress. More than a third (35%) of people suffering from CP suffer from moderate to severe pain.

A seasoned CP attorney can defend the rights of your child and ensure you get an amount that covers all costs and damages. Even if the birth injury occurred years ago, the case can still be successfully tried to trial, or settle for an agreement you think is acceptable. Your legal team may use your medical records, as well as witness testimony as well as school records and any other evidence to support your CP injury claim.

Lifelong Costs

The medical needs of your child will continue throughout their lives. If the CP was caused due to medical negligence, you should be compensated with regard to the cost of long-term care and treatment. This includes medical expenses and other expenses such as therapy as well as education, housing and equipment. Our CP attorneys will assist you to calculate the costs to ensure that the correct dollar amount in your settlement is included.

A cerebral palsy settlement is a financial agreement between the injured party and the negligent health care provider to resolve a dispute outside of court. To avoid a court trial, lawyers from both sides will attempt to reach an agreement on the amount in dollars. However, if the two sides are not able to reach a consensus the case will be taken to court for a trial decision by a judge or jury.

Your attorney will prepare an argument that is strong for your family’s claims by obtaining evidence of the injury your child sustained and how the doctor’s actions prior to, during and after birth contributed to the injury. They will also prove the doctor’s actions violated the accepted standards of care for birth injuries. This includes examining your child’s medical records and bringing in expert witnesses, and showing that the doctor’s errors directly triggered your child’s CP. They will also quantify the pain and suffering of your child’s condition and its impact on their lives.

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