Biomagnetic therapy, a revolutionary approach to healing, has found an exceptional advocate in the form of Dr. Luis F. Garcia. With a career spanning over 15 years, Dr. Garcia has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of Biomagnetic therapy, shedding light on its profound healing potential. His contributions extend beyond his clinical practice, as he imparts his knowledge through seminars and educational initiatives. This article delves into the remarkable journey of Dr. Garcia and his transformative impact on the field of Biomagnetic therapy.

Dr. Garcia’s Path to Medicine

Dr. Luis F. Garcia’s journey into the realm of medicine can be traced through generations of his family’s medical heritage. His relentless commitment to aiding others paved the way for his distinguished career. He earned his medical degree from Bogota, Colombia in 2005, following his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Boston College in 1997.

An Innovative Career

During his illustrious career, dr garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia biomagnetism dr garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia biomagnetism dr luis garcia dr. luis garcia luis garcia dr luis garcia md. Garcia held positions such as Medical Director and Chief Science Officer at the esteemed Salud Futura Clinic in Bogotá, Colombia, from June 2009 to June 2010. During this tenure, he conducted extensive research in diverse areas, including bioenergetics, nutritional therapies, biological medicine, and more. His holistic approach to medicine was shaped by his unwavering dedication to exploring various treatment options, emphasizing his commitment to patients’ well-being.

Transformative Healing through Biomagnetism

Dr. Garcia’s clinical work has showcased the transformative potential of Biomagnetic therapy. He has witnessed its positive impact on individuals with conditions ranging from diabetes and fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue and cardiovascular disorders. His dedication to these therapies has left an indelible mark on the medical community, offering hope and solace to countless individuals.

Research and Outreach

Dr. Garcia’s contributions to Biomagnetic therapy extend to his extensive research and outreach efforts. He has become a sought-after expert on the subject, participating in interviews, podcasts, and webinars to educate the public about its transformative potential. His YouTube podcasts offer valuable insights into the principles and healing outcomes of Biomagnetic therapy, making this knowledge accessible to all.

In-Person Training and Online Courses

As a mentor and educator, Dr. Garcia has trained over 750 students, equipping them with the skills needed to practice Biomagnetic therapy effectively. Over 60 of his students have gone on to successfully practice this therapy across the United States, creating a ripple effect of healing.

To reach a broader audience, Dr. Garcia developed the “Beyond Biomagnetic Therapy” online course and hands-on training seminars. This comprehensive course covers essential topics and includes practical demonstrations. Purchasers receive the “Biomagnetism and Beyond Practitioners Guidebook” as a valuable reference.

The online course provides a comprehensive understanding of biomagnetic therapy and replicates the immersive learning experience of a live lecture. Participants receive practical instruction on where to place magnets for various scenarios, assuring thorough comprehension of the procedure. In addition, participants receive the “Biomagnetism and Beyond Practitioners Guidebook,” a helpful add-on that will help them advance their careers.

The training seminars and courses have been carefully created for both seasoned practitioners and newbies to the holistic wellness industry. Participants can advance their practices at any level of experience under Dr. Luis Garcia’s guidance.

Beyond Biomag 3D App

Dr. Garcia’s commitment to enhancing Biomagnetic therapy practices is evident through the development of the “Beyond Biomag 3D Mobile App.” This innovative app, available on both the App Store and Play Store, offers a 3D human model for precise magnet placement. It provides valuable information about magnet pairs and pathogens, aiding practitioners in achieving more effective cures. With customizable monthly and annual subscription choices, the app appeals to a large audience by offering essential information.

Biomagnetism Practitioner Guide Book

For those seeking comprehensive resources on Biomagnetic therapy, Dr. Garcia authored the “Biomagnetism Practitioner Guide Book.” Available in both physical and e-book formats, it delves into principles, magnet placement, muscle testing procedures, and the underlying causes of medical disorders.

There is a wealth of knowledge in the $100 non-printable PDF edition, including magnet placement for a number of medical issues. It dives deeply into the mechanics of muscle testing procedures and offers insightful information about the underlying factors that contribute to medical problems.

The same thorough guide is also offered in printed form for $160, giving readers who like the feel of a physical book the convenience of always having biomagnetic knowledge at their fingertips. The benefits of both the PDF and hard copy editions are also available for an additional $210 investment. The book has thorough illustrations that offer precise instructions on where to set magnets and act as a trustworthy road map for gaining robust health and energy.

Attending Dr. Luis Garcia’s insightful 5-day training program will extend readers’ perspectives and deepen their comprehension. is a one-stop shop for all necessary information on forthcoming dates and places.

Supplies for Biomagnetism Practitioners

Recognizing the importance of well-equipped practitioners, Dr. Garcia established an online store offering essential supplies for Biomagnetic therapy. This ensures that practitioners have access to high-quality tools and materials for precise therapy.

This enormous emporium offers a wide selection of essential instruments and materials, each carefully selected to enhance and broaden one’s experience with biomagnetic therapy. Dr. Luis Garcia’s products represent his unwavering commitment to their performance and the all-around welfare of their patients, whether the practitioners require specialized equipment or high-end magnets.

In acknowledgment of the significance of the greatest tools for practitioners committed to holistic well-being, the items in this store have been carefully chosen. These resources give practitioners the edge they need to navigate the tricky terrain of biomagnetic therapy with unrivaled competence and effectiveness. They can now begin their therapeutic journey with assurance and unwavering confidence as a result of this.

Magnets for Biomagnetism Practitioners

Dr. Garcia’s online store provides a range of magnet sizes suitable for diverse anatomical points. These magnets, which have a surface Gauss rating of 1500, offer the best efficiency in biomagnetic therapy. The robust, water-resistant synthetic leather casing of these magnets bear testimony not just to their strength but also their durability. The legs and back can benefit from large magnets, whereas the thorax, belly, and arms can benefit from medium magnets. The head, neck, and hands can all be treated with small magnets, while the eyes, nose, and fingertips can all be treated with mini magnets. With a reassuring 7-year warranty and proudly made in the USA, these magnets cater to the specific needs of Biomagnetic therapy.


Dr. Luis F. Garcia’s journey in the realm of Biomagnetic therapy serves as an inspiration to the entire field. His unwavering commitment, dedication to research and education, and the development of practical tools have elevated Biomagnetic therapy to new heights. Dr. Garcia’s legacy continues to shape the future of this transformative therapy, offering hope and healing to those seeking innovative and effective cures.

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