What Is a Birth Defect Claim?

A birth defect claim is a lawsuit filed when a child is born with an injury due to medical malpractice or negligence during pregnancy or during the delivery. Our lawyers are skilled in dealing with these types of cases.

Parents want their children to be perfect But things can go wrong. Birth defects are an extremely serious problem that can impact a child’s quality of life and the future.

Medical expenses

Medical expenses can be high for people with birth defects, particularly those with severe birth defects. This includes doctor visits, tests, procedures and treatments that be required throughout the course of a person’s life. They also cover the costs of therapy for children, education, and pain.

Doctors can cut down on some of these costs by taking the proper steps before and during pregnancy. They can use amniocentesis or serum screening to identify problems like Down syndrome, and they must be cautious when prescribing medicines that may have side effects for pregnant women.

Birth defects can result from a variety of causes including genetic issues and environmental factors. In most cases, they cannot be prevented. Some babies are born with spina Bifida, or cystic fibrosis, because genetic conditions run in the family. Some babies are affected due to their mothers’ exposure to certain medications and chemicals.

Prenatal mistakes in medical care, labor and delivery may also result in birth defects. These kinds of claims are called malpractice and birth injury claims. A Philadelphia birth injury lawyer can help determine if the birth injuries suffered by your child were caused by negligence or mistakes. But, you must act quickly to make a claim before the statute of limitations runs out. You could file a lawsuit against the medical professionals who caused your child’s injuries to get compensation.

Lost wages

Many times, birth problems can affect children in ways that make it difficult to get an employment or care for their own needs. A successful claim can provide a way to cover any loss of income as a result.

Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering can also be a possibility in an effective birth defect lawsuit. These damages can be awarded to a child that suffers from a permanent disability or is permanently disfigured because of a doctor making a mistake at birth. Parents may also be entitled to punitive damages. These are awarded to defendants who display extreme carelessness or malice.

Despite the advances in medicine complications are a constant possibility during labor and birth. A birth defect lawyer who is skilled and compassionate can assist families get the justice they need. If you suspect that medical negligence caused your child’s birth injury or defect and you suspect that it was the cause, you must act quickly. A variety of medical malpractice claims have a limitation period that is only one year therefore time is of the essential. Contact a medical negligence attorney in your area today if you have any questions regarding the legal options that are available to you. They can help you understand your rights and file a successful lawsuit for birth defects.

Suffering and pain

If a family member is suffering from a birth defect attorneys defect the emotional stress and mental anxiety that comes with it can be significant. A birth injury lawyer who is skilled and compassionate can assist families get the compensation they deserve to give their children a happy, healthy life.

Birth defects can be caused by genetic disorders or alcohol and drug abuse, in addition to other factors that are out of the control of a woman who is pregnant. Certain birth defects result of medical malpractice or negligence and could have been avoided if doctors had taken certain precautions during pregnancy.

Certain birth defects are so serious that they can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering and require a long-term medical treatment. Parents may file wrongful birth claims to claim damages for their child’s suffering.

It is essential to engage an attorney for birth defects who has experience and empathy as soon as you can. A competent lawyer can assist you determine whether or not your child’s injuries were the result of negligence of a doctor and, in the event that they were, how you’re entitled to. To learn more about filing a birth defect case call us now. We offer no-cost, no-obligation consultations, and are committed to helping victims of medical malpractice. We accept cases across the country. Contact us at 1-800-992-6878 start or fill out our online form.


It’s only natural that parents are unsure of the cause of a birth defect and if someone else committed a mistake. They may also consider whether it was possible to stop the injury.

Medical negligence during prenatal care, labor, delivery or during the birthing process could cause birth defects in a variety of ways. In such cases parents may pursue a claim for birth injury against the hospital and doctor.

Parents can get compensation to cover the costs of caring for their child and for injuries they sustained. This includes medical expenses and lost income, as well as suffering and punitive damages for certain states.

A wrongful birth action, which is a type of medical malpractice claim, is often filed when a child is diagnosed with a condition that is shocking to the parents. Parents claim that their medical professional or doctor were negligent in not warning parents of the child’s illness or provide them with the correct genetic counseling before the baby was born.

A birth defect lawsuit requires a keen attention to the finer details and birth defect lawsuit a thorough investigation. It’s also imperative to act promptly. The statute of limitations typically is just one year, so it’s recommended to get in touch with an experienced attorney as quickly as you can. This will ensure that the case is filed before the time when the statute of limitations expires.

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