Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

A New York CP lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation to pay for the medical costs of your child. Find a company with an extensive staff that has been in operation for many years.

cerebral palsy attorney palsy lawyers make a claim on behalf of their client, known as the plaintiff. They collect evidence, including medical records and evidence from experts, to construct a strong claim.


Parents may notice that their child hasn’t reached developmental milestones like talking, walking, or crawling by the time they are six months old. They may also be having trouble controlling their bowels and bladders. Cerebral palsy may affect the entire body, or just one side.

The symptoms include a lack of muscle tone, uneven reflexes, or incoordinated movements. They are caused by brain damage that affects the normal flow of nerve impulses between muscles and the brain, which causes floppy or stiff muscles.

Doctors will assess your child’s movements as well as muscle tone to diagnose CP. They will check for signs like whether they feel like their legs are crossed, or if their arms feel too stiff or tension-stricken. They’ll also conduct various medical tests to determine whether the problem is due to cerebral palsy or a different disorder. These include metabolic testing, genetic testing, and an electroencephalogram.


Treatment options are available to assist people live the most fulfilling lives possible despite the fact that there is no cure. The medications help to improve movement, reduce seizures, and treat other ailments related to the disorder. Spasticity is treated with medication that relaxes muscles or injecting botulinum type A in affected muscles. Orthotics are utilized to correct musculoskeletal conditions such as joint deformities or muscle lengthening.

People with cerebral palsy could also experience other conditions including breathing difficulties or a lack of nutrients due to difficulty swallowing. Some require a feeding tube in order to get nutrition. Some people struggle to communicate while others exhibit various behavioral issues.

Cerebral Palsy is caused by an interruption in the flow of oxygen into the brain. Children born after a challenging labor or birth complications that limit the flow of oxygen are more at risk for this condition. Infections during pregnancy or the delivery, such as cytomegalovirus, rubella virus or herpes simplex virus and fever can cause inflammation that damages the developing brain. Similar is the case for fetal brain strokes, which can be caused by blood vessel abnormalities prevent the brain from receiving enough oxygen.

Legal Representation

Parents of children with CP are faced with expensive medical bills, therapy costs and other ongoing costs. A good lawyer can help you pursue fair compensation to cover these costs and more.

Choose a firm that has national experience with birth injuries and a track record of winning cases against medical facilities, negligent doctors and corporate insurance firms. Staff size, years of operation, and evidence of steady wins are other factors to consider when selecting the right firm.

Cerebral Palsy lawyers can submit a claim on your behalf to obtain damages for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of future earnings potential. The claims must be filed within a certain time limit, also known as the statute of limitations, which is different for each state.

Most cerebral palsy lawyers work on a contingent basis, meaning they do not charge their clients upfront fees. Families can now have the right to seek justice without having worry about financial burdens. In addition, a contingency fee arrangement guarantees that your lawyer does not receive a fee unless they obtain an agreement or verdict in your favor.


A CP attorney can help you determine whether your child’s injuries were the result of medical negligence. It is crucial to demonstrate that the medical professional or entity responsible was bound by a reasonable duty of care, violated this duty, and caused your child’s CP. You will then need to prove damages including medical expenses, lost income and pain and discomfort.

Your CP lawyer will collect evidence, including written documentation and expert testimony after filing an action to construct an argument that is solid. In order to avoid a trial, the defendant could offer an agreement. Your lawyer will negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

A knowledgeable cerebral palsy lawyer will dramatically cut down the length of your lawsuit and increase your chances of winning financial compensation. Search for a law firm that has experience in medical malpractice cases, and a track record of securing significant verdicts. Ask prospective attorneys for evidence of their experience, and how many clients that they have represented. Also, think about the size of their team and how long they’ve been in business.


Cerebral palsy lawyers handle all legal issues involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit to help families get compensation for the emotional and physical injuries their child has sustained. This can include covering the cost of therapies that can give children a better quality of life and allow them to reach their full potential.

If a settlement agreement is reached, cerebral palsy attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies and other liable parties to obtain a payment. This process may involve documents written down interviewing witnesses experts’ testimony, and other. A third party mediator can be brought in to assist. If the lawyer has a convincing case, attorneys he is likely to convince the defendant of a settlement. This is the most favorable outcome because it avoids an extended trial that could take a long time.

A New York City lawyer will assist you in holding nurses and doctors accountable for the mistakes they made during difficult births. If the errors of a doctor led your child to suffer an injury to the brain that could have been prevented, they should be held accountable for their negligence.

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