The video is about how the PH affects our bodies. The video is about PH levels & how they influence our bodies. Speaker tests PH for 20 different bottled waters and Dr. Garcia Biomagnetism finds out that the most alkaline water among them is Fiji water, followed by Essentia water and Bai water. In contrast, Sparkling Ice water comes as the least alkaline, then La Croix water and Diet Coke in their successive order. Additionally, the speaker addresses ways we can control our body’s pH such as through deep breathing exercises, Biomagnetism Magnets meditation, physical activity and magnets.

According to the speaker you can regulate your body’s ph by using magnets. Magnets have a north pole and south pole that can move electrons around. Consequently, through use of magnets you are able to change your body’s ph by moving electrons when one atom of hydrogen contains one proton and one electron so using magnets moves these electrons. She says that she puts magnets on different parts of her body like her liver in order to restore ph balance.

Moreover, speaker notes that drinking alkaline water helps in regulating the pH in your system too. This test showed Fiji Water was the most alkaline followed by Essentia Water and Biomagnetism Therapy Bai Water respectively. The speaker states that it would be best if people drank naturally balanced water instead of having to go through all this trouble restoring its pH balance.

Sparkling Ice water

La Croix

Coca Cola

Diet Coke

Minute Maid Apple Juice

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

Red Bull


Propel Fitness Water



Nestle Pure Life,

Poland Spring,

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring,

Arrowhead Mountain Spring,

Evian Natural Spring Water,




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