Dr. Luis Garcia’s foray into the world of Biomagnetism Therapy was not a sudden brainstorming, but rather a resultant effect of experiences, inquisitiveness, and ultimately his deep desire to help people be cured. He comes from orthodox medicinal background; however, his path took an intriguing twist that made him to venture into other side of the healing coin. Let us therefore look at how Dr. Garcia became one of the chief actors in biomagnetism.

From Conventional Medicine to Alternative Paths:

A medical doctor by profession he started practicing as such. However, inside him soon began stirring feeling for more holistic ways; ways that wouldn’t just address symptoms but also their causes. Thus he delved into ‘complementary’ and ‘alternative’ medicines (CAM) including Bioenergetics and Magnetic therapy.

Intrigued by the Power of Magnets:

So intrigued was Dr. Garcia with what magnets could do in relation to human body’s energy systems that he travelled extensively across the globe learning from various CAM experts. Under the guidance of its founder Dr Isaac Goiz, he sharpened his skills in this form of bio-magnetism.

Unveiling the Secrets of Biomagnetism:

This states that pH imbalances within the body can lead to “biomagnetic pairs” zone — that is areas containing opposing poles; which it is believed are responsible for different diseases or conditions in life. Therefore having studied and practiced it at length Dr Garcia gained extensive knowledge on how one can identify these Biomagnetic Pair Therapy pairs and neutralize them through placement of certain magnets.

A Passion for Sharing and Healing:

His commitment does not only extend beyond his practice but also includes active sharing through workshops as well as online courses as well as lectures on which many others have succeeded in adopting biomagnets. He believes every person has inner ability to heal herself/himself hence giving them tools to enable them fully discover this potential becomes a cardinal rule.

Beyond the Blog: A Glimpse into the Man:

Genuine concern and passion for human health and happiness motivate Dr. Garcia’s dedication to biomagnetism. He is known to be very compassionate, empathetic and unyielding in his belief on the body’s capacity for self-healing.

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