Biomagnetism online trainning., or Biomagnetic pair therapy, is a fascinating way of treating ailments with magnets to regulate body pH levels. This allows internal balance that eventually produces optimal functioning of the organs, muscles and cells leading to their healing.

This video by Dr. Luis F. Garcia explains how biomagnetism works based on science. The main idea is that if we put magnets on specific places on the body they control movement of hydrogen protons and atoms; this in turn changes the levels of hydrogen hydroxide ions influencing body pH.

For optimum health, it is important to maintain balanced pH. Failure to do so causes many symptoms, syndromes and even diseases that are debilitating in nature. To deal with these discrepancies in pH level, biomagnetism tries to correct it back to normal enabling better conditions for healing.

The video also includes potential benefits that can be derived from using BMT as a therapy for:

Reduced pain

Enhanced blood circulation

Decreased inflammation

Boosted immunity

Increased vigor

Lessening anxiety

Among other things.

However, while the video primarily focuses on theoretical aspects associated with Biomagnetism Therapy it does provide some practical examples as well. Magnet positioning is crucial when considering its proper application according to Dr. Garcia and different protocols used for different disorders.

In general, this video offers an insight into the world of biomagnetism that makes one think about it deeply. It introduces a promising therapeutic approach worth studying further. If you want more details about how biomagnetism can potentially improve your health you should look up information online or speak with a qualified healthcare professional specializing in this field.

It is important to understand that biomagnetism therapy is relatively new and emerging field in health care provision today. Despite providing strong evidence-based arguments for possible advantages of such treatment method, there remains a need for further research regarding its safety and efficiency as previously mentioned in the film clip however not enough research has been done in this area. Similarly to any other kind of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, it is essential that one seeks advice from a medical professional before trying BMT therapy.

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