In this video, Dr. Garcia is curing a patient with a chronic bronchitis using Biomagnetism online trainning. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. The patient has several magnets placed on her body during the session.

These are the magnets placed on the patient and their positions stated in the video:

Thymus (2 magnets): above the av node

Liver: on rib cage

Trachea: left side below clavicle right side

Influenza: fifth cervical underneath the neck

Sternum, esophagus, methyl carina, pleura to liver, right pleura: Biomagnetism Magnets for improved respiration

Spleen, pancreatic ligament, peripancreatic pancreatic duct, pyloric sphincter: midway between navel and lower ribs at 60 degrees angle.

Appendix: between anterior iliac crest and belly button towards its right hand side

Splenic flexure, transverse colon, hepatic flexure: under spleen at left side

Ascending colon hepatic flexure transverse colon splenic flexure; below umbilicus

The patient narrated feeling better after treatment and added that she can now breathe deep with minimal coughs.

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