How to File a Cerebral Palsy Case

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that can last for all of life and requires medical attention. Children with CP typically visit a pediatrician as well as a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. Their doctors will take a medical history, do an extensive physical examination and conduct tests like an MRI or CT scan.

A cerebral palsy lawyer can assist families in obtaining fair compensation for the lifetime needs of their child. Contact us today to arrange an appointment for a free case evaluation.


cerebral palsy attorney palsy is a disorder which affects the capacity to move, balance and coordinate. It results from damaged or abnormalities in the areas of the brain which control the movement of muscles. It typically occurs before, during or shortly after birth.

Doctors may make a diagnosis of cerebral palsy after analyzing the child’s symptoms as well as medical history and physical examination, and observing growth and milestones, and looking over the results of diagnostic tests. They can refer the toddler, infant or child to specialists such as neurologists, orthopedists for children and physiatrists. Skin, urine, and blood tests are also possible to order.

Babies with CP might exhibit delayed developmental milestones stiff muscles, as well as hyperactive reactions that aren’t typical of normal babies. Low Apgar scores may also be a sign of oxygen deprivation. It can be difficult to diagnose the condition in infants that are still developing. A final diagnosis is usually made by age two. The sooner a child’s illness is diagnosed, the better the treatment will be. Many families find it beneficial to join support groups, organizations, and counseling services for their children.

Signs and symptoms

The signs of cerebral palsy usually appear in early childhood, and are caused by damage done to the part of brain that regulates the movement and posture. This damage cannot be reversed and affects muscles and body movements.

Children with dyskinetic cerebral paralysis experience uncontrolled, jerky movements of the feet, hands, and arms. They may also have difficulty reaching, picking up objects and coloring with crayons. They may be drooling or have trouble holding their balance.

The least common kind of CP is ataxic, which results in poor coordination and clumsy movement. Hypotonic CP is known as a condition that causes low muscle tone and a rag-doll like movement of the legs and arms.

Doctors usually detect CP within the first two years of a child’s life, except for mild. In this case, they might be able to diagnose it at four or five. Women are advised to be vaccinated against illnesses like rubella and German Measles prior the time they become pregnant to lower the risk of developing CP. It is also important for mothers to have regular prenatal check-ups during the pregnancy, which can help avoid complications such as premature birth and low birth weight.


Cerebral palsy may result from any issue that can hinder the development of the brain, such as pregnant infections or during labor, complications in the process of birth or head injuries. Cerebral Palsy is more frequent in babies born before 32 weeks, or with low weight at birth. Maternal febrile illness during pregnancy rubella (German measles), cytomegalovirus or herpes infections can cause inflammation that can damage the developing nervous system.

The treatment plan for each individual with CP differs. A pediatric specialist, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor or neurologist will oversee the medical care and develop a treatment plan to address specific symptoms and needs.

To improve functionality or alleviate discomfort, medications to ease muscle tightness can be prescribed. Surgery can be used to lengthen muscles that are stiff and tightly contracted, or to correct spinal issues, such as an abnormally curving back, in the most severe cases of CP.

Speech therapists aid children in learning to communicate and speak and teach parents how to help their child’s communication skills. Therapy for recreation involves children in enjoyable activities to boost social interaction, self-esteem and motor skill development.


Finding the right support can make all the difference. Parents and children with cerebral palsy are able to find an entire community of families who can relate to their experiences by attending meetings in their local area or through an online group. There are many groups that hold fundraisers that raise awareness and funds for the disorder.

Teachers can assist children with cerebral palsy at school. They can arrange for students who are unable to attend class due to doctor’s visits or taking medication. They can also arrange for accommodations in the classroom to accommodate things like allowing additional time to travel between classes or for taking examinations.

Adults with CP may seek help from an occupational therapist on the issues of independence, like housing, finding a job, and claiming benefits. They can also speak to their doctor to find out if their medications are working and if something could cause their symptoms to worsen.

The Cerebral Palsy Research and Clinical Center of Michigan has a database of local doctors who specialize in this condition. It is available to residents in Michigan and allows people to search for cerebral palsy lawyer doctors based on their insurance provider.

Legal Questions

Your cerebral palsy lawyer can help you obtain a fair settlement from medical professionals responsible for your child’s injuries. The legal process involves gathering more evidence that the doctors and medical facilities accountable for your child’s birth injury committed negligence, causing brain damage and cerebral palsy.

A legal claim seeks compensation for the harms your family has endured and expected future costs. It’s also about making changes and implementing additional procedures to stop such injuries from occurring to children of other children in the future.

Some parents fear that filing a medical malpractice lawsuit will make them appear smug or that they don’t appreciate their child for who they are. But the truth is that the cost of caring for a person with CP could be in the thousands.

It’s important to consult with a lawyer for medical malpractice whenever you can. Each state has its own statute of limitations and the earlier you start your case, the more favorable. A lawyer will explain the laws applicable to your state and tell you what you need to do next.

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